Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wife on a Hot Tin Roof (Or "It's Raining Chairs!")

(See the little nook at the top of our beach house? That is where I stepped out for a better view.....)

Knowing my grandkids will be here in a couple of hours, this may be my last time to blog for some time.

So a quick story for grins.

Yesterday, Greg's sister went home to Portland and thus, vacated the most coveted spot in the house. The little Eagle's Nest loft at the tippy top of our 3 story beach rental.

So while hubby Greg and his son Troy, & Troy's wife Steph were engrossed in the movie Gran Torino, I decided to sneak up and enjoy the Room with the Best View. In a mere T shirt and jeans, I stepped out on the deck and surveyed the sun setting over the ocean. It was getting mighty chilly up there so I turned to step inside to grab a jacket when I realized.. Uh. Oh. I'd locked myself out.

I hollered and yelled but to no avail. My family was absorbed with Clint Eastwood on the TV screen. Morphing into MacGyer Brain I looked around for any tools I could use in my escape plan.

Aha! Plastic Lawn Chairs. Not exactly the material I needed to make a bomb, but it would have to do.

I put one of them over the rail and climbed down... feeling less and less like MacGyer and more and more like Lucy Ricardo. I grabbed another to use as my Attention Getter Device.

Then I walked carefully, one might say even catlike, across the roof. Spying a couple of air vents, I yelped a series of heartfelt "helps" into them and waited. Silence.

So on to Plan B (which I was making up as I went). I lay down on the edge of the roof and saw that -- yes! -- the curtain across the big patio door was open.

I threw the plastic chair down on the deck in front of the patio door with a hearty shove. Then another.

Thankfully, Stephanie was aware and alert enough to notice it was raining lawn furniture and that this might not be your normal happening, even in Neskowin where everything appears to have fairy tale quality about it.

My husband just shook his head in a mixture of wonder & confusion at this woman he's married. Before me, his life was pretty uneventful. Now every day is something of a series of both fortunate and unfortunate events. But he loves me. And how boring life would be without a few surprises now and then? Like discovering Your Wife on a Hot Tin Roof, pitching down lawn furniture once upon a nice summer's eve.


  1. Why oh why does this not surprise me, my delightful friend? :-) You are too cute! Raining patio furniture... great attention getter. And I'm thinking it may be a great first line to any kind of book you may make up your mind to write. :-) Hugs and blessings, Becky! Love you!

  2. Thank you sharen! Some things, like Becky Moments, really never, ever change.