Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sneak Peek at This is Your Brain in Love!

(New Proposed Cover! It may still have some changes. My name will be on the inside page. Alas, publishers often do not give collaborators cover credit, even though Dr. Henslin & my agent/ husband really went to bat for that. I really don't mind. It's Dr. Henslin's message I am passionate about and happy to help him get it in book form to as many couples as possible.)

For the last several months Dr. Henslin and I have been writing about the world's greatest and most complicated topic: Love. Then we combined that with the world's second most complicated topic: The Brain.

The book shares a fresh way of looking at relationships; one that greatly upsizes the success of marital therapy by taking individual brain health into consideration as a major factor in being happily wed.

Alas, the book won't release until early 2010, but I am so excited about the cover & contents that I can't help but give you a little preview today.

Our book will talk about the 5 Lover Types (when out of balance) and how to
1) bring your best, healthiest happiest brain to your relationship and
2) support your spouse's efforts to heal/work around their own brain issues.

5 Lover Types in a nutshell are:

Scattered Lover(ADD,creative-ditzy, messy)
Blue Mood Lover
(From Numb to Deeply Depressed)
Over-Focused Lover
(Get stuck on grievance like a dog with a bone)
Anxious Lover
(Easily triggered to fear and nervousness)
Agitated Lover
(Prone to anger or irritation)

Here's a sneak peek at Table of Contents as well:

Chapter 1: This Is Your Brain in Love---Or Is It on Drugs?
Chapter 2: Sexuality and Spirituality: Divine Balm for Your Soul and Brain
Chapter 3: Bring Your Best Brain to the Marriage!
Chapter 4: The Scattered Lover (Prefrontal Cortex)
Chapter 5: The Overfocused Lover (Cingulate Gyrus)
Chapter 6: The Blue Mood Lover (Deep Limbic System)
Chapter 7: The Agitated Lover (Temporal Lobes)
Chapter 8: The Anxious Lover (Basal Ganglia)
Chapter 9: The Ancient Secret to Lasting Love

Appendix A: The Joy Diet
Appendix B: SPECT Scans
Appendix C: New Hope: Women and Hormones
Appendix D: New Hope: Men and Sexual Addiction

Okay, that's a little appetizer to hopefully whet your appetite for the book to come!
In the meantime, This is Your Brain on Joy is available with 99 reviews on Amazon (almost all 4 & 5 star) and will remain the "first primer" for people who are curious about how the brain can be tweaked to help you experience all the joy you were created for!

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