Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bonding with Titus, Grandbaby #3

Last night as Greg and I, along with Troy & Steph, took an evening stroll along the beach in the mist and fog, Greg suddenly said, "Look!" and started running ahead.
Out of the mist, like a dream... stepped my son, Zeke, his wife, Amy and my grandsons, Nate and Titus! (They'd arrived without calling us and surprised us!)

Titus came to me and laid his little 9 month old baby head on my shoulder, and I immediately melted in to grandmotherly mush. Nate was jumping and running and grinning saying, "Is this the BEACH, Nonnie? Is that the Ocean??" Such a moment!

This morning Nate was ready to play with Nonnie at 6:15 (I usually don't wake or speak in complete sentences until at least 8:00!) After some coffee and sleepy attempts at chit-chat, Poppy and Zeke & Amy took off to show Nate the joy of sand dollar hunting; leaving me with some rare alone time with my newest grandson Titus.

As you can see Titus has gleefully taken over my reading glasses (when I snapped this pic, I discovered to my surprise -- he has teeth now!); helped me blog (using a spoon to type, which is, I think, a sign of genius); and alphabetized the front of the fridge.

Right now he's cuddled beside me fast asleep. It was hard not to laugh as I rocked and sang him to sleep because, rather than crying or fussing, he griped "nayah, nayah, nayah..." like a grumpy old man and blew rasberries at my lullablies, between yawns and eye rubs as he fought going off to dreamland.

It is so much fun to see the personality begin to pop out of children in the first year of their life. Titus does the Princess Di shy smile and royal head duck when you greet him. If I had to sum him up in two words it would Sweet Natured. He's going to be a laidback, kindhearted little fellow I think. (Although Nate told me this morning that Titus is not a little fellow. He is a baby brother. So I stand corrected.)

One of the songs I sang to him was the old one from The King & I, "Getting to know you, getting know all about you. Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me. When I am with you, suddenly I'm free and easy... you are precisely, my cup of tea!"

And truly, Grandson #3 is just exactly "the cup of tea" our family had been waiting for. I think we're going to keep him.


  1. I keep having dreams that I'm vacationing with you guys. Give my babies hugs and kisses and tell them I'm dreaming of them.

  2. Oh, Rachel... I can't tell you how much you & Jared are missed. I'm posting often to help you feel as much a part of this week as you can. Are you in the middle of moving???