Saturday, October 16, 2010

Caramelized Scallops

Today I had a headache and needed something nutritious and delicious I could make in no time. No groceries in the house so to the seafood counter at Whole Foods I went.

I picked out 10 large beautiful wild caught scallops and drove home trying not to look at the price tag. ($20.00!!! But, these are gourmet quality... best scallops ever.)

I washed them gently with fresh water, and patted them completely dry with paper towels. Light dusting of sea salt and light sprinkle of sugar on top.

In a large skillet I put a squiggle of olive oil, a smashed garlic clove (to flavor oil, remove later) and a pat of butter and heated until screaming hot. Put scallops on, seasoned side down (try not to pack them next to each other) and while they are getting a gorgeous caramel brown, sprinkle the other side with sea salt and light sprinkle of sugar. Cook only until both sides are a deep beautiful brown and remove, drain excess oil if needed, on a paper towel.

Tonight I served them over large ribbon noodles tossed with a little bit of butter and olive oil and Parmesan cheese. (Though this pic above was taken on another occasion when I used angel hair pasta.) Serve in a nice wide pasta bowl with a generous slice of lemon. The fresh squeezed lemon is key.

A quick Ceasar salad (the easiest salad in the world if you use a good bought Ceaser dressing) and dinner was served. Greg and I nearly purred with contentment.

Sometimes the simplest dishes with quality ingredients really are the best and easiest. And worth every penny on special occasions like anniversary's, or a bad headache.

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