Friday, September 11, 2009

Becky's Green Lemonade NRG Booster

(This is a pic of my youngest son Gabe and the love of his life, Aleks. Yes, you, too, can look like this if you just drink your greens every day!)

(The ingredients for my Green Lemonade shots!)

My son Gabe and his girlfriend Aleks went to lunch with Greg and me today. Gabe was getting a cold and Aleks said, "I just told him, don't worry. We're going to your mom's today. She'll fix you up."

One of my friends calls me Medicine Mountain Woman because I always have a wide variety of concoctions on hand to help cure whatever ails you. So I gave Gabe a take-home baggie with astragalas, garlic and elderberry tablets, along with a vitamin C powder. But before he left, I asked, "Do you two want me to make you green drink before you go ?"

To which both nodded enthusiastically, "Yes!"

This is one of Gabe & Alek's favorite energy boosters, and mine too. It actually tastes delicious and refreshing. But I make it in small "shots" -- about 1/2 c. over ice so you can drink it quickly before the green powder unmixes...

In a small juice glass:

Squeeze 1/2 lemon or lime
1 t. green powder (from health food store, I like Kyo-Greens brand pictured above)
1 T. L-carnatine liquid, citrus flavored by NOW products (great tasting stuff & this amino really gives you a non-shaky boost of energy and is excellent for heart health.)
Squirt of agave nectar or real maple syrup; or Stevia to taste

About 1/4 c. to 1/2 c. water
When you sip, it should taste like lemonade or lime-aid with just a little bit of that "freshly mowed lawn" freshness. :) So good.

I like mine over ice and drink it straight, like a cowboy downing his whisky at a bar.

Only it won't make you tipsy, just puts you in a good mood and increases your energy.

I like this at mid-morning and mid-afternoon on days when I need some extra zippidy in my doo-dah.


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