Saturday, June 4, 2011

Energy Green "Shots"

I was telling a friend today about the "energy shots" I serve to myself and Greg, my husband every day. She asked me to share the recipe, so I thought I'd use my blog to do that visually, in case others might be interested as well!

My homemade "green energy shots" provide a quick boost of energy and when you use l-carnitine and fish oil in liquid form, you got a lot of milligrams for your money. (You'd have to take several expensive pills to equal what these liquid forms give you.) And the good news is that both this brand of l-carnitine (Now Brand, 1000 mg., citrus flavor) and fish oil (Barleans, citrus) actually taste great. (No fishy taste or aftertaste at all.)

KyoGreen Brand green food mixes really well, as opposed to some of the "green powders" I've tried that glop up when you try to stir them into liquids. Superfood powders like this keep your body more alkaline than acidic, which helps prevent cancer. It also has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, alongside providing natural energy. In addition it is great for skin, hair and nails and is great blood purifier.

L-Carnitine provides natural energy at a cellular level and is excellent for heart health and blood pressure.

Fish oil helps with mood, brain nourishment, heart health and is a source of balanced energy.

I mix 1 T. of the Now brand L-carnitine, with 1 t. of the Barleans fish oil and 1 T. of Kyo green powder. Stir well. Then add 1/4 to 1/3 c. juice -- we like orange juice.

Then bottoms up! You'll be surprised that it tastes pleasant. Follow this shot with a drink of water or green tea and you should feel great soon. My son Gabe and his girlfriend Aleks love these "green shots" and ask for one whenever they come over because it gives them nice, calm energy for their busy days.

I take one "shot" in the morning and one in the afternoon when my energy begins to dip again.



  1. Terrific, going right out and get the ingredients!!Thanks! Lynn