Monday, July 19, 2010

An Easy, Tasty Breakfast Trick: Fried-Poached Eggs

It amazes me that at midlife I'm still learning lots of new tricks with even the most simple of foods. I saw this method of cooking eggs on some TV show (so sorry I've forgotten which one) and decided to give it a whirl. The results were so good that this is our egg-cooking method of choice now. In fact Greg said, "These are the best eggs I've ever had!"

He loves the texture of poached eggs and I love how healthy they are, but poaching takes a lot more time.... waiting for that water to boil. This version of eggs has a nice crispy bottom, like fried eggs but have that buttery poached egg texture on top. And , they cook up in no time!
You simply lightly oil a nonstick skillet (I use a paper towel and just smear on the lightest sheen of olive oil). Heat to pan to medium high. Then carefully break your eggs into a cup, one at a time and pour slowly into the skillet. (As you can see I often do 3 eggs together at once, separating them with the edge of a spatula after they are done. Not fancy, but fast.)
While eggs are still wet and moist sprinkle with sea salt and pepper -- this allows the salt to absorb and "melt" with the eggs and is so much more flavorful than sprinkling with sale & pepper after cooking. And, like so many others, I have discovered that sea salt is FAR superior in flavor to typical table salt.

Then while the skillet is hot sprinkle and eggs are cooking, sprinkle about a Tablespoon of water around the eggs, then cover with a see-through glass lid (I use one slightly smaller than the skillet) to create an instant mini-steamer. When the yolks are done to the degree you like them, simply lift out of the pan, sunny side up and serve.

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  1. I'll try it for breakfast tomorrow (I've never made poached eggs b/f and never knew how they were cooked). It sounds & looks good.

    Thanks Becky.