Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Son, Marathon Man

"The Family that Runs Together, Has Fun to Together" -- My son Zeke with his wife Amy and their sons Nate & Titus this past Spring.)

"I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure. "
Eric Liddell

In going through old boxes of things filed (or more accurately, "things piled") I found a poem that was a favorite of my son Zeke's in high school. I must have asked him for a copy of it to put in his memory file.

Tomorrow this wonderful man (who is also an architect, a fabulous husband to Amy, and father of two adorable sons) is going to run his first marathon! I should also mention that Zeke is one of the kindest most optimistic people I've ever known. I used to call him my sunshine kid because raising him was a walk in the park, easiest thing I ever did as a mom. Except for the fear of him falling off whatever mountain he was climbing, or the two times he dislocated his elbow playing football (known as The Kamikaze Kid), or that one time he fell through the church roof into the kitchen.

But all in all, I hope to grow up to be more like Zeke someday. Still, I know I will never, in a million years, have the perpetual energy he has been given!

In honor of Zeke's big race tomorrow, and the race of life that he's run so very well, I'd like to share this poem today. It brings a tear to my eye every time I read it because it is SO my Zeke, who gives everything he has to all he cares about.

I love you, Son! Run well, and feel God's pleasure in every step!


To James

Do you remember

how you won

that last race...?

how you flung your body

at the start...

how your spikes

ripped the cinders

in the stretch...

how you catapulted

through the tape...

do you remember?

Don’t you think

I lurched with you

out of those starting holes...?

Don’t you think

my sinews tightened

at those first

few strides...

and when you flew into the stretch

was not all my thrill

of a thousand races

in your blood...?

At your final drive

through the finish line

did not my shout

tell of the

triumphant ecstasy

of victory...?


as I have taught you

to run, Boy -

it’s a short dash.

Dig your starting holes

deep and firm

lurch out of them

into the straightaway

with all the power

that is in you

look straight ahead

to the finish line

think only of the goal

run straight

run high

run hard

save nothing

and finish

with an ecstatic burst

that carries you


through the tape

to victory...

By Frank Horne

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