Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Easy Being Green

Lately it seems like everything is going the way of green. Spring has finally turned my beloved state of Colorado that long awaited blush of green. Here's a snaphot of my backyard coming to life again with green. Green Energy and Building is all the rage with my environmentally friendly architecture sons.

And now I have discovered that I love to drink green.

Let me back up.

A couple of weeks ago, I read a book where a woman encouraged those of us at mid-life to consider "enjoying" a green drink to help make our bodies more alkaline (the best state for immunity vs. acidic which causes all sorts of problems). She said it was also great for those with acid reflux issues, and the nutrients helped to increase energy and lift mood.

So I looked into a bit more and found that green drinks (mixed with concentrated green food powder such as Kyo-Green) also support:

Balanced energy all day long.
Greater stamina.
Weight loss.
Reduced food cravings.
Healthy radiant skin.
Mental clarity.
Healthy cholesterol levels.
Improved liver function.
Healthy blood sugar.
Immune system support.
Improved digestion.
Detoxing effects.
Colon cleansing.

So, I wanted to try it, but I was as reluctant as the Dr. Suess character who refused Sam I Am's Green Eggs and Ham. Green is not a color I am accustomed to drinking and green powder mixed in smoothies just looked too much like something that the demon possessed girl from "The Exorcist "may have thrown up.

However, I hit upon a green drink winner. Love it, love it! And I would even drink it in a box, and I would drink it with a fox.

It's my own recipe for Green Lemonade. Zero Calories if you use stevia. Tons of energy happening in my middle-aged body. I can honestly say I've noticed a big improvement in lots of the areas listed above.
So, I want to share my summertime Green Drink with you. May you & your brain enjoy!

Becky's Green Lemonade Brain Drink

In a glass, put:

1 t. powdered green drink mix (Kyo-Green is what I use)

1 lemon or lime, freshly squeezed for juice

maple syrup or stevia to taste

water and ice

(I also add a T. of L-carnatine in the citrus liquid flavor form put out by Now Products. It is

soooooooo tasty and adds a burst of energy to start your day.)

Mix well and pour over ice and enjoy! It is "surprisingly delicious!"


  1. Becky, love the pix of your backyard. Is this the same backyard where the lawn chairs were packed with snow a few weeks ago??

    I used to drink "Green" blended drinks and I loved them. Maybe I'd do well to start them back up again. Hmmm.

  2. Becky, you're going to be a real pioneer to alot of women :) You are so young at heart and all of these good nutritional experiements are a testament to your state of health. Be contagious!!