Friday, March 27, 2009

This is My Brain on a Deadline!

For those of you who wonder where I've been, I am in hiding in my basement.


Where, thus tucked away in solitude, I am determined to finish up the sequel to This is Your Brain on Joy which is slated to be titled This is Your Brain in Love.
It is due in on April 2 - YIKES!! -- and we hope to see it released around Valentine's Day, 2010.

So forgive me, but I have to put the blog and housekeeping, hot meals, clean laundry, make-up, and basic sanity on "hold" for the next week to meet the deadline. This is why the publishers call it a "deadline" -- it takes the life right out of you. Thankfully, I love what I'm working on with Dr. Henslin and that sure eases the pain of the work involved!

I will begin blogging regularly again the week of April 6th! (Giving me a 4 day recovery period where I will sleep, put on make up, attack the piles of laundry, cook a gourmet meal for my husband, enjoy my daughter who will be visiting from Texas, and apologize to everyone I will have neglected this past month to finish up the book!)

Until then, if you are inclined to pray for us, Earl and I would so appreciate your prayers that in the next 7 days, our thoughts would be clear, our writing would be God-directed , our words would be wise and thorough, warm and encouraging. That this book would give new hope and fresh insight that would strengthen the love between husbands and wives all over this land.
Until then, enjoy some sunshine and laughter, eat some blueberries and cream, hug a friend, pet a dog, kiss a baby -- and that should give you a few joy-boosts to tide you over until next time. (Did I mention that praying for the well-being others, like poor writers-on-a-deadline, also increases YOUR joy quota?)

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  1. Hang in there, Becky. Blessings on your work.